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Freddie free5 Rodriguez the Dominican born, NYC raised artist behind all of the creations found on this site is known through out the graffiti art community as Free5 for the better part of the last three decades.

Coming up in the Woodside Projects of Queens NY in the early 80's Freddie grew up within ear shot of the R train as well as the RailRoad tracks he eventually coped a few tags on. With an older brother djing at all the local parties, the neighborhood kids break dancing, and everyone else either skateboarding and/or bombing Freddie was immersed in all things we now refer to as NYC underground culture but to him, it was just life. Having attended all the parties and skated all the parks, something about working with a spray can mixed with the excitement of getting in and out of locations unseen had the biggest impact on him and Free5 came to be.

As the 80's came to an end with Freddie finding spray paint as his medium and developing his own style he with various other writers started the WALLNUTS CREW. At that time Free5, Muse, Chester & Inca could be seen on walls around Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx not to mention various freights and trucks traveling across NY and beyond. To say these were good times is an understatement of the largest proportions, they were killing it where ever they could get it in and loving every second of it!

As time went on and the 90's came to an end Free5's style continued to evolve, he spent more time creating murals (legally for all those wondering), working with bucket paint and developing his art on canvas while attending The School of Visual Arts. He took some time to travel and paint around the world and enjoyed creating in Germany, Amsterdam, Paris and all across Europe. By this time Free5 and a lot of the various friends from the 80's that were just running around doing what they do had now become established and recognized artists.

Free5's art has been part of numerous gallery shows in the L.E.S. and Dumbo (pre and post gentrification) independently as well as in collaborative group showings with artists such as (names of famous folks here). Free5's wall murals, freights and canvases have been included in Burning New York by James T. Murray(Author), Karla L. Murray (Author) / Fresh Paint NYC – by Billy Schon (Author) / Outdoor Gallery: New York City – by Yoav Litvin(Author) / Freight Train Graffiti – Roger Gastman (Author), Darin Rowland (Author), Ian Sattler as well as being photographed by the iconic Martha Cooper in recent years. Having assisted longtime friend and pioneer graffiti artist Pink at Miami's Wynwood festival and similar events to having his work displayed in the prestigious art museum located in the heart of the Dominican Republic's capital Santo Domingo in the Consequential Translations Exhibit at the Centro Cultural de España Free5's commitment to his craft has been paying off.

All of Free5's above experiences and his continuing need to grow as an artist with an inherit and distinct ability to re purpose multiple items through out his work is what brings us to present day Free5 and his current product line. Free5 has created the Subway Series Can collection with emptied Kobra, Montana & Krylon spray paint cans that he himself used to create pieces on the streets of NYC to honor the art and culture of subway graffiti in his very own way. There is also the HELLO My Name Is Canvas series of hand drawn, mixed medium on canvas board with all original and exclusive designs fashioned after the HELLO stickers from back in the day. Last but not least Free5 has authentic USPS Label 228 stickers with original hand drawn designs currently available on the site with many more series of refurbished and re-purposed products to come.

Free5 has been creating at a furious pace from that first moment in the 80's when he found himself holding a spray can and has shown no signs of slowing down. Be on the look out for additional can series, stickers and much more to come exclusively here on

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